Secret Oasis

  • 시크릿 오아시스
  • 시크릿 오아시스
  • 시크릿 오아시스
  • 시크릿 오아시스
  • 시크릿 오아시스
  • 시크릿 오아시스
  • The best moment with luxury cabana and transparent pool

    The Secret Oasis offers a private outdoor swimming experience with a heated pool maintained at a comfortable temperature and a separate air-conditioned cabana.
    Experience a more relaxed and dignified rest in an independent space.

    ※ Secret Oasis total area: 160㎡
    ※ Pool area: 4m x 6m, water depth 1.25m

  • Information

    • locationHotel 1F outdoor space(entrance of the stairs on the right side of public outdoor pool)
    • Reservation and inquiry

      Tel. 064-801-9000

    • Operation Hours

      (10:00~13:00 / 14:00~17:00 / 18:00~21:00)

    • Price

      KRW 390,000 (VAT included)

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